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Cinema As We Know It is a site for cinephiles to express their opinion about film. Like so many others, we like film. So much so that we wanted a creative outlet to convey our thoughts and opinions in an open environment. This site aims to do just that with reviews, essays, and features that aim to provide some insight into the world of cinema. In the deluge of blogs, podcasts and sites that do precisely the same thing we do, we want to stress the non-authoritative position of our site. We don’t want to claim we know better than anyone else, or that we have the definitive take on a subject. Rather, this is simply cinema as we know it, and we hope you’ll join us for the ride!


Greg Arietta

Favorite Film: Back to the Future

Starting from when his dad put on classic creature features when he was young, Greg has always been an avid film lover. He graduated from the University of Washington with a bachelor’s degree in Cinema and Media Studies as well as Business Finance. While attending, he was the president of the UW Film Club and spent four years rebuilding the club to be a hub for film culture on campus. There he co-launched a podcast and website that enabled students to openly express their opinions as well as fostering the club’s presence in the Seattle film community. He has a particular fascination with American blockbusters, but has a sweet spot for horror films and classic film noirs.

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Megan Bernovich

Favorite Film: Alien

Megan is a film publicist from Tacoma with a pair of degrees in Communication and Cinema & Media Studies from the University of Washington Seattle. She has worked for the Seattle International Film Festival’s PR team as well as Washington State’s film commission office. She spent a couple years with a global marketing firm representing studios including A24, Disney, Warner Brothers, and Paramount. She is currently a unit publicist for independent LGBT film. She has a serious penchant for the Avant-doc and early-80s sci-fi.

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Dante Hay

Favorite Film: Clockwork Orange

Dante likes long takes and 80s synthwave. Dante is a sensitive soul, appreciative of films of feelings from the formal looseness of Hou Hsiao-hsien to the sustained anxiety of Paul Schrader. He dreams of one day making that film, you know, that one. He is pursuing a degree in Film and Media Studies from Columbia University, but is only so educated that his favorite Kubrick is A Clockwork’s Orange. He has worked the frontlines, manning the popper behind the counter at a movie theater, and he has worked small productions as an understudy. He is ready to get talking and get walking in the world of cinema. 

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