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Our Favorite Performances of 2018

In a year with a multitude of great performances on display, the Best Acting Categories are especially contentious. Each of us here at Cinema As We Know It feel differently about who should have been nominated for an Oscar, and as such, we have selected some of the strongest and most memorable characters to celebrate for our best performances of 2018.

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Greg's Top Ten of 2018

From a wide variety of genres, directors, and studios, there was a film to be had for everyone in 2018. With such an embarrassment of riches to choose from, it was incredibly difficult selecting just ten, but as it stands, these are the best of the best, and to me, these are as good as it gets for 2018, so let’s begin.

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Megan's Top Ten of 2018

As the year ends and I meditate on the huge amount of film I consumed, I have made the final tough decisions in organizing my ranked list of it all. I realized I had a very unconventional top 10, but I believe each piece has earned its place as what I would consider the most significant and extraordinary of the time and place that is 2018. 

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